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Oil and Gas Representation of Landowners and Royalty Owners

Oil and Gas Attorneys Representing Landowners and Royalty Owners in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio

Rothman Gordon’s oil and gas attorneys represent landowners and royalty owners not only in negotiating and drafting agreements, but also oil and gas litigation and oil and gas estate matters. Our experience includes:

Our oil and gas attorneys are admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia and are here to help you from your first contact with the oil and gas company through planning for you and your family's future.

Leases, Right of Way Agreements, and Surface Use Agreements for Landowners

Producers are leasing land across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Oil and gas companies and pipeline companies are seeking easements. A landman or oil and gas company may contact you about your mineral rights. You need to understand the documents that you are being asked to sign. These documents will affect your rights. Examples of what you  may need to understand before signing are: how your surface and mineral rights will be affected, how your royalties will be calculated, what the length of the primary term of the lease is, how the producer may extend that term, what the pooling and unitization provisions of the lease are and how they work, whether in addition to your oil and gas lease you should negotiate a separate right of way agreement and surface use agreement, whether you should warrant title and whether you should ask for an audit clause. There are other examples. Oil and gas documents are complex and rarely formulaic. Seeking an experienced oil and gas lawyer before you sign them is a prudent decision.

Oil and Gas Litigation

Marcellus is a boon to our economy. With so much money involved, there will be disputes over mineral & gas rights, oil and gas lease terms, royalties and bonuses, property damage, environmental issues, etc. Is the oil and gas company complying with the lease? Are you receiving the right royalty? How do you check that your royalty check is correct? Our oil and gas lawyers have litigated numerous oil and gas matters for many landowners, royalty owners, and their families.

Oil and Gas Estate Issues

Our lawyers have deep experienced in assisting individuals in transferring wealth from generation to generation at the lowest income and estate tax cost. Oil and gas bonus payments and royalties are no different.  Many clients want to know how to give oil and gas royalties to family members. Whether you own 10 acres or 10,000 acres, Rothman Gordon’s attorneys can assist you in developing a plan to pass this wealth onto future generations and minimize the tax implications. Our seasoned attorneys have represented numerous landowners and royalty owners. We can help you navigate your way.

Our attorneys are available to speak to your group, to address any issues or questions that you may have with regard to oil and gas rights, obligations and tax issues. Contact us to learn more.

We are pleased to share Oil and Gas Leases: Landowners Most Frequently Asked Questions for download.

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